Get more Candidates to say “Yes!” in 2019

We know the power of having the BEST information at our disposal. Every day we check news, stocks, and social media, seeking the edge that will help us overcome our competition and reach for the next level of candidate engagement.

But while we all know that information is the key to our future, it can be overwhelming to find that information among the noise that we encounter in our daily lives. ‘Click here, click there, download this’ – the constant thrum of offers drowns out our senses and leaves us numb to information that could genuinely help us.

Your talented candidates are no different.

Candidates are also inundated by the noise of our modern world. They are given opportunity after opportunity, pitch after pitch, in a never-ending stream of online promises.

When you put an offer on the table and tell your candidate, “We have the best benefits in the industry,” “we spend thousands on your welfare every year,” or “believe me – our total offer is really incredible”– they’ve heard it all before. They’ll hear it again. Why should they believe you?

You have the best benefits in the industry, but are you communicating them effectively?

Why are you Spending more Money on Benefits

When you Struggle to Communicate the Benefits you have now?

If you’re like most hiring managers you know the value of your benefits but you struggle to communicate them to candidates.

Are you tired of spending thousands to recruit the top talent only to have your offer rejected because your candidate didn’t like the base salary? Your challenge is not just to provide the best benefits in the industry, it’s converting that total value into more hires and more talented hires. That means finding new ways to communicate with your prospective talent.

The worst thing you can do as a Human Resources Professional is to throw yet more benefits on the pile in hopes that somehow, someway, this time, it will make an impact. When will you stop throwing dollars at your hiring problem hand-over-fist in hopes that it will go away? Are you ready for a strategy that maximizes your current investment and turns those dollars into hires?

You’re not alone in this quest! We hear from clients every day who have the best benefits in the industry, but can’t find a way to convert these into a more recruits and higher retention. Let us help you get the maximum amount of benefit out of your benefits.

TCOffers has the solution you’ve been searching for.

Total Compensation Offers (TCOffers) will help you:

Break through the noise

Why are you providing candidates with the same job offer they would have seen 40 years ago? Stop doing the bare minimum at the most critical moment. Branded, personalized job offers grab attention and get more talent through the finish line.

Get the jump on your competition

What looks better to a candidate: a $50k base salary or 90k of Total Compensation? We accurately assign cash value to all of your generous benefits, enticing talent to say “Yes!” with more than just a base salary.

Get More Hires

Why spend all that time on your pipeline only to lose your candidate at the end? By branding and adding the cash value of benefits to your job offer you WILL get more candidates to join your organization, and you’ll get them there faster.

Is your recruitment practice keeping up with the latest technologies?

“In a world where the war for talent is fierce, recruitment must adapt and move faster.”

Tisha M. Teeluck, PwC employer brand and marketing director.

Impress your candidates.

Get more hires.

Find better talent

with TCOffers.

Our job offer turns heads.