Do more of what you love with TCOffers

Find more time to do what you love with TCOffers
Automate your Recruiting Process and find more time to do what you love with TCOffers

If you are bogged down in the hiring process, TCOffers has a unique 2-in-1 product that will save you time and demonstrate the Total Value Proposition of your job offer to any candidate – in seconds.

Our Cloud-based Job Offer Solution offers full web integration right from your browser.

TCOffers works with most Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) so you never have to leave your native system to issue the next generation of job offers!

Have you ever opened a job offer template, only to find that all the details are wrong?

A ‘cut-and-paste’ offer is anything but easy. Do you ever open a template, only to find yourself editing:

  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Contact Information
  • Signatures
  • Formatting

You compete in a tough market. Are you doing everything you can to win talent?

You issue an offer and your candidate still hasn’t responded. Do you ever find yourself asking:

  • Will they see the Total Value of our Offer?
  • Or will they focus only on the base salary at the expense of our generous benefits package?
  • Do they understand how much we spend on
    • Medical?
    • Dental?
    • Disability?
    • Benefits?
    • Perks?

If you answered yes to any of the above, chances are

Candidates Don’t Understand your Total Value Proposition

The solution is not spending more and more money on benefits! The solution is finding a way to communicate the Total Value Proposition you have now! Even if you do manage to get all of the information above into a Word Document, in the end you’ve issued a job offer no different than what could be found 20 years ago!

Think of the benefits of issuing personalized, branded job offers in seconds!

  • What if candidate information was populated for you?
  • What if this occurred from within your own browser?
  • What if it was as easy as clicking a button?
  • What if salary and benefits were automatically added to the job offer?
  • What if every benefit you included also had an assigned cash value?
  • What if benefits were graphed so candidates understood your contributions?
  • What if candidates could customize benefits from within their job offer?
Get more candidates to “Yes!” with TCOffers

When candidates see your Total Compensation Offer (TCOffer) they will say “yes!” more often, and they’ll get there faster – saving both you and your organization time and money!

Instead of worrying if your candidate will accept, put your best foot forward with a powerful, branded, compensation-driven job offer tool that will let you know when candidates have opened and viewed their offer.

The Power of TCOffers Technology can shorten your time-to-hire and improve your bottom line – leaving you free to do more of what you love.

You could be a Hiring Hero – issuing sophisticated, branded, and personalized job offers in seconds! Get the jump on the competition, close more searches, and hire better talent with TCOffers today.

Become a Hiring Hero with TCOffers!